A Child’s Oasis is a non-profit therapeutic foster care program for children needing placement away from their natural family and who require specialized treatment and services because of developmental delays, emotional, medical and/or behavioural issues. For many children, therapeutic foster care is often the last chance they have to be placed with a family in a community setting. Our program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to children newborn to eighteen (18) years of age. A Child’s Oasis foster homes are ready and available for referrals, including emergency placemats. The A Child’s Oasis team is highly trained and motivated, bringing together many years of experience working with children and families.


Our goal is to support and assist the children to grow in all areas of their life and achieve a balance emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

We are committed to providing caring, supportive and knowledgeable foster parents and agency staff who can help a child and make a difference in their life.

We are committed to developing and maintaining treatment resources that provide the most up-to-date services that will meet a child’s individualized needs. We are committed to developing community resources that help a child develop healthy peer and social relationships, as they develop healthy hobbies and build fun memories.

Our mission is to provide the best possible care to each child as they grow and develop within our foster homes.

As an agency, A Child’s Oasis strongly believes in professional excellence, delivered not only through communication and
respect of others, but of a mutual caring and compassion for children and youth.


  • Strive for high standards of service in reaction or anticipation of the individual needs of the child
  • Clean clinical framework provided by specialized consultants
  • A supportive, consistent, structured and nurturing environment
  • Ongoing professional training, support and supervision
  • Assisting with natural families’ involvement, integration and development when applicable and effective
  • Strive to use a teamwork approach to include A Child’s Oasis, ministry representatives, foster parents, placing agency, school, community resources, one to one workers and natural parents
  • Ongoing and effective communication
  • Personalized and individual treatment


  • 24 hour support system and regular supervision by
    Case Managers and/or Director
  • Immediate crisis intervention and/or support
  • Regular respite – six weeks or more frequently if needed
  • Regular vacation – three weeks per calendar year
  • Natural family support system if deemed appropriate
  • Supervision of sibling visits along with access visits/li>
  • Social skills programs and regular events
  • Life book support / Sacred Bundle
  • Training programs that include PRIDE, FASD, CPI, First Aid, CPR, FFTA, QARTY, Children’s Aid Society Association, Child Welfare League of Canada, Safeguards, Hospital for Sick Children, Behavioural Management Strategies, Cultural Diversity, Food and Nutrition
  • Ongoing Child and Youth Worker support and intervention as required
  • Drives
  • Psychiatric and Psychological consultations, assessments and follow-up therapy
  • Consulting staff and treatment team that includes Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Paediatricians, Registered Practical Nurse, CNIB, EC Drury School for the Deaf, Learning Disabilities Association of Peel, Bob Rumball Association, Erinoakids, Peel Infant Development, Healthy Babies/Healthy Children, CCAC, Beyond Work, Early Intervention Services, Community and Health Services Departments, DSO, COTA, ODSP, ECM