Some of the programs and services presently offered to children and foster families are as follows:


  • 24-hour support system by Resource Workers and/or Director
  • Ongoing regular supervision by Resource Worker
  • Immediate crisis intervention and/or support
  • Independent Living - DSO, COTA, ODSP, Extended Care Maintenance (ECM)
  • FASD Respite Services
  • Regular respite - six weeks or more frequently if it is felt that additional support is
  • Regular vacation – three weeks per calendar year
  • Natural family support system if deemed appropriate by all team members
  • Ongoing Child and Youth Worker support and intervention as required
  • Internal Drive Program
  • Social events
  • Appreciation dinners
  • Support counselling
  • Seasonal newsletter
  • Annual Home Reviews – safety home checklist, fire drills
  • Life Book / Sacred Bundle support
  • Supervision of sibling visits along with access visits when applicable


  • F.A.S.D
  • CPI
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • FFTA
  • Separation and Loss
  • Infant Development
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Car Seat Training
  • Learning disability training
  • Medication Awareness
  • Independent Living Transition
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness
  • Attachment & Separation Anxiety
  • ADHD Training Seminars
  • Children’s Aid Society Association
  • Child Welfare League of Canada
  • Safeguards
  • Sparrow Lake Alliance
  • Hospital for Sick Children
  • Sign Language training
  • Behavioural Management Strategies
  • Quarterly Support Group Meetings with guest speakers
  • Special interest training
  • Food and Nutrition – Canada’s Food Guide and Canada’s Native Food Guide
  • Cultural Diversity


  • Psychiatric consultations
  • Psychological assessments and follow-up therapy where needed
  • Determining needs of children and coordinating the services to provide on an ongoing basis or as required
  • Anger management classes
  • Speech and Language
  • Play / Art Therapy / Theraplay


  • Pre-school program
  • Ontario Early Years
  • Daycare if and when it is required to promote social, language and global development
  • Driver’s Education
  • School support and interaction, i.e. support worker during transitional periods, or when
    school feels necessary
  • First Aid training for adolescents including natural family children within the foster home
  • I.E.P. Development and Reviews
  • Tutoring, if required
  • Independent life skills training program for preadolescents and adolescents
  • Children to attend learning disability program if deemed necessary


  • Quarterly dinner and movie night with Resource Workers and Director
  • Summer Day Camp program run by A Child’s Oasis staff - weekly trips
  • March Break Camp program run by A Child’s Oasis staff - trip and guest speaker
  • Social Skills Group
  • Monthly Peer Support Group (Youth)
  • Annual Christmas Event
  • Summer support program within the home setting
  • One-to-one outings
  • Registered Recreational activities throughout the year - mandatory swimming lessons
  • Social programs in the community


  • Meeting the diverse needs of children
  • Race, ethnic, spiritual needs
  • Linguistic needs
  • Food & nutrition
  • Religious options
  • Baptism, first communion, confirmation
  • Naming ceremony, pow wows, smudging, camp, elders/healers, Monday Cultural night
    events, monthly children in-care programs