A Child’s Oasis is committed to providing children in therapeutic foster care with treatment services that are strengths-based, child-centered, and holistic in nature, while recognizing the importance of team collaboration, family as a means of healing and change, and ongoing professional growth of staff. We firmly believe the following:


A strengths-based perspective should be used when working with children and families. Too often, children are viewed from a deficit perspective and thus are considered “destined” to fail. At A Child’s Oasis, we believe that each and every child has personal qualities and abilities that, when emphasized and nurtured, lead to positive change and growth. Similarly, each and every parent – whether they are a biological or a foster parents – has personal qualities and abilities that can be used to support the healthy development of a child.


Child-centered therapeutic foster care best promotes individual growth and development. Each and every child is unique and thus requires individualized treatment planning. At A Child’s Oasis, Case Managers and Foster Parents work together to assess and meet the individual needs of each child rather than applying a “one-fits”all” approach.


Holistic service planning is imperative to promote individual growth. Each and every child should be treated as a whole and thus receive comprehensive services to meet their individual needs. At A Child’s Oasis, each and every child’s medical, psychological, social, educational, religious, and cultural needs are considered when service planning.


Team collaboration is an essential component of effective planning and treatment for children. At A Child’s Oasis, various team members, including Case Managers, Foster Parents, One-to-One Workers, Drivers, Administrative Staff, and – when appropriate – biological families work together to best serve the children. Each team member makes an invaluable contribution to A Child’s Oasis and, most importantly, to the children in our program.


The family units is a means of healing and change. At A Child’s Oasis, we believe that healing takes place within the context of attachments and relationships. Thus, while our foster homes provide structure, security, and safety, they also offer nurturance and bonding between children in care also serves an important healing function and – when appropriate – should be integrated into a child’s life to promote a sense of cohesiveness and wellbeing.


Professional growth of staff improves the services we provide to children. At A Child’s Oasis, our team members receive ongoing training to continue their personal and professional development, which, in turn, allows them to better serve the needs of the children in our program.